ECM, ERM modular angle encoders
    Without integral bearing, with magnetic scanning

    The ECM and ERM modular angle encoders from HEIDENHAIN with magnetic scanning consist of a magnetized scale drum and a scanning unit. Their MAGNODUR measuring standard and the magnetoresistive scanning principle make them particularly tolerant to contamination.

    The attainable system accuracy depends on the eccentricity of the graduation to the drive shaft bearing, as well as the radial runout and wobble of the bearing.

    Typical fields of application include machines and equipment with large hollow shaft diameters in environments with large amounts of airborne particles and liquids, for example:

    • Rotary and tilting axes for ERM 2280 and ECM 2400
    • C axes on lathes for ERM 2410, ERM 2420, and ERM 2480
    • Main spindles on milling machines for ERM 2484, ERM 2485, and ERM 2984

    Making your selection

    Please use the specifications of your application to first select the scale drum and then the scanning head. You can see the associations in the table.

    Please note that both the grating period and the line count must match. You will find this information as values in the attributes.