Extended Workspace: more information at a glance

Extended Workspace from HEIDENHAIN provides additional workspace so that the user can keep an eye on StateMonitor or other applications at the same time that the control screen of his machine tool shows the NC program currently running.

Two solutions are available

Extended Workspace Comfort is an additional monitor beside or above the actual control screen. While the current NC program is displayed on the control screen, Extended Workspace Comfort offers a view, for example, of the StateMonitor software or of an office computer that is connected via Remote Desktop Manager. Extended Workspace Comfort can be configured individually for the desired applications. The integrated computer manages the running applications itself and has its own powerful processor.

Extended Workspace Compact shows additional information on the side directly next to the view of the control's screen. A prerequisite for Extended Workspace Compact is the new 24-inch touchscreen in widescreen format. In order to show details more clearly, this side view can also be expanded to cover the monitor's entire display area.